Creating Business Opportunities with Digital Assets
Invites you to join the seminar "Creating Business Opportunities with digital assets (Cryptocurrency) and Blockchain Technology for the Tourism sector in Phuket. "

Over the years We can see that technology affects the industry change. And the way of life of people in society quickly Especially the rapid change of DIGITAL DISRUPTION And there are many industries that have been severely affected by failing to set themselves up And being born in every business, whether real estate, movies, social media, taxis, medical, insurance, finance and many more,

but the most obvious changes And the most prominent is the change in the world of financial markets that have entered the DIGITAL CURRENCY era. We can see from China that has driven CASHLESS SOCIETY countries to be perfect.

By which people live with almost no need for cash Or Japan, which is the first country in the world to announce the DIGITAL CURRENCY HUB to support the development and growth of digital assets And is one of the first countries in the world that has stores that support payment with bitcoin Or will be Switzerland With the establishment of CRYPTO VALLEY or the digital money valley in ZUG, which makes it a digital financial center And blockchain technology, including the BLOCKCHAIN ​​ISLAND of the Republic of Malta That the government has pushed Malta into one of the world's most famous blocks and digital money centers By establishing a digital office (DIGITAL ECONOMICS OFFICE) to drive the technology of blockchain and digital money in concrete form Which these countries are supported by the government And can draw attention and investments from around the world, both in the form of capital and digital money, to stimulate the domestic economy enormously. Which is considered an example of a very successful project.

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Jan 11, 2019

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