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To submit a new request for funding to the investor network, you agree to the Association Code of Conduct.
General Code of Conduct
  1. Business Conduct
  2. You do your business in a responsible and transparent way, and do not engage in practices which would be potentially or factually damaging to the image and interests of the Crypto beach association and the ecosystem. You adhere at all times to the Codes and, beyond it, to the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Diversity
  4. You do not discriminate in the work environment based upon race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, or disability.
  5. Records
  6. You ensure adequate and truthful operating and financial accounting as well as a proper system to record their business files. You notify to the Crypto beach any changes of your address, email, mobile number, and necessary document.
  7. Property Rights
  8. You respect property rights of others, such as intellectual property rights, brand names or copyrights.
  9. Governance and Conflicts of Interests
  10. You implement in your organizations governance policies to ensure proper operation and control and to avoid (potential) situations of conflict of interest.
  11. True and Fair Communication
  12. You commit to full, accurate, timely and understandable communication. In compliance with their confidentiality obligations, you are encouraged to disclose any form of mismanagement, corruption, illegality and any other serious infringements of the rules in force at the Crypto beach or of national or local laws, to the Crypto Beach Board of Directors.
  13. Breaches / Disciplinary Action
  14. You accept that any breach of the rules can result in disciplinary actions, which, depending upon the nature and severity of the breach, include written warnings, information and/or remediation requests, and – in case of serious breaches – expulsion from the association. You shall always have the right to be heard and costs shall be allocated to the Member depending on the disciplinary action decided.
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